Thursday, July 29, 2010

Send ICE to the Protest...

"The Obama administration won a victory in federal court Wednesday when Judge Susan R. Bolton halted two key provisions of S.B. 1070, Arizona’s much-debated immigration law. Or did it? The law has placed the spotlight on the federal government’s failed immigration policy and prompted similar proposals in other states. The Justice Department lawsuit has scored points with the immigrants-rights crowd, but those advocates are not exactly happy—what they really want is for Congress to take up the issue. And the pro-enforcement crowd is not pleased with the administration’s decision to fight the law. As the battle over the law continues on a path toward the Supreme Court, here’s how commentators are interpreting Bolton’s ruling..." (source)

As I'm watching all the footage of the protests over Arizona's halted immigration law, I can't help but think this was the perfect bait and trap if the federal government had the cojones. Forget the border, get ICE and the Border police at these rallies/protests... I'm sure there's a goldmine of paperless people... Go ahead, misuse the word and call me a racist.

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