Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proactive Parenting

I was going to take a non-posting mental health day today...but then I read this and had to put it up:

"A mob of angry parents helped to capture a man arrested for allegedly fondling two girls, police said Monday. Parents confronted the stranger Sunday when they saw him inappropriately touch a 5- and 10-year-old girl at a Kissimmee park.

The parents kept him in custody at the park on Lakeshore Boulevard until police could arrive and arrest him. The stranger told police that he blamed his behavior on schizophrenia.

According to a report, after 42-year-old Enrico Colon-Conde touched the girls, he started running away, but a group of angry parents took off down the sidewalk and surrounded him until police showed up..." (source)

Do you think at Lenscrafters, those are actually called the 'pedophile frames'...beause they all seem to sport the same ones?!

And, could it be possible that Oliver Stone has surpassed Sean Penn and Ed Asner in doucheyness?

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