Saturday, July 31, 2010

The President Lied and Jersey Died Didn't Really Care...

When The President was on The View they gave him an (incredibly easy) 'impromptu' Pop Culture quiz. With tough questions like, "Did you know Lindsay Lohan was in prison?" "Have you switched to the iPhone yet?" (Ladies, why would he switch to the iPhone...he has the Blackberry Bold?) "What's on your iPod?" "Do you think Mel Gibson needs anger management?"

And, of course, an episode of The View wouldn't be complete without a dig at Sarah Palin "Do you think Snooki should run for Mayor of Wasilla?"

Obama answered, "I've got to admit, I don't know who Snooki is."

Funny Mr. President, I remember your minions making such a big deal over how funny they thought you were at the White House Correspondents Dinner --and one of the clips I recall was you saying that "Snooki, JWOW, the Situation and House minority leader John Boehner" would be exempt from the Tanning salon sin tax.

Hmmm. Joke about Snooki and now you don't know Snooki?

Of course this is really no big deal in the scheme of things... Just makes you wonder if he's THAT SCRIPTED or if he can't have a casual conversation without BOTCHING PAST LIES?

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