Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PC Hell (and other stuff)

This is the second time I'm writing this post... I stayed up writing it last night, and then being the genius that I am, decided to clear all my stored emails on my phone this morning... That's the kind of week it's been.
Computers just don't seem to last in my house. I guess it's the whole having kids thing. Yesterday I was uninstalling some pesky popups and tool bars that had snuck in on a WoW trial, and I must have inadvertently deleted something important. The screen went all wonky and completely against The Man's advice I did a system restore. Now I have a blue screen. Lovely. That's the kind of week it's been.
So, if my computer hadn't decided to don the blue screen of death, I may have been posting about the way the rule of the Obama administration makes you feel like you've entered a poorly directed episode of the Twilight Zone-except this one has a huge prop budget. Blago would have been enough to take down most Presidents-- the implications of that has to be worse than a cigar and an intern or eavesdropping on plumbers...
The stories of impropriety just keep coming. The MSM vowing to cover up any story that might hurt Obama. Isn't the press supposed to be the fourth branch of government...a check and balance in our Democracy? And then we hear a Carter/Clinton appointee claiming that accusations of racism against the Tea Party (though unfounded) are working and the fact that the Tea Party has to spend time defending themselves instead of focusing on other will help the Democrats in the midterms. I know politics is a game, and politicians are shady...but this administration takes that to a whole new level.
And Glenn Beck. I'm so upset about Glenn. Last night I kept thinking about him and Rush...see no evil and hear no evil...we've relied on them to do the heavy lifting and they have to bear the burden... Dear Glenn: Duke Eye Center!
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