Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Once Again, Rush was Right

Rush coined the phrase "Club GITMO" and was the first to bring attention to the better-than-average living conditions the terrorists residing there were privy to (remember the mango chicken?)... The DUers and Kos Kids lost their friggin minds over this...

But, like the bumper sticker says...even on drugs, Rush is right..and it must have killed WashPo to have to publish this headline:

Six detainees would rather stay at Guantanamo Bay than be returned to Algeria

"...Given the choice between repatriation and incarceration, the men choose Gitmo, according to their lawyers..." (source)

I feel pretty confident in saying that our worst prison is better than most of the countries these little fanatics came from... It's hard to get mango chicken delivered to your tent...

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