Monday, July 26, 2010

Has Ms. Sherrod "Come a Long Way?"

Shirley Sherrod claims to "have come a long way" but she must have been pretty far down the road because her opening statements belie her self-proclaimed "redemption" at the conclusion.

This comment (posted under this video at Gateway Pundit) stood out:

"The number of conservative people who want to go easy on Mrs. Sherrod and dump on Brietbart shows just how much power the left has at manipulating our behavior. Still to this day it is extremely difficult to get a unified condemnation of racial bigotry when the offender is a far left socialist. The fact Mrs Sherrod would preach to a crowd of black people that the loud opposition to Obama is based on his black skin color disqualifies her from public service. If she really believes this, anyone who files a complaint with her office is not going to get a fair shake. They will just be dismissed as a racist, or worse be forwarded to the IRS for an audit." -DonH

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