Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The DoJ, the New Black Panther Party and the Motor Voter Law

"[J. Christian Adams], until recently a top trial attorney in the voting section of the DOJ, testified that staffers throughout the department have subscribed for years to the notion that the DOJ's primary responsibility is to protect the voting rights of minority voters, not whites.

He added that recent Obama administration DOJ appointees have reinforced this notion by making such racial discrimination a formal departmental policy.

According to the former DOJ attorney, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandez, an Obama appointee at the top of the department, announced at a policy meeting that "the voting section will not bring any other cases against blacks and other minorities."

Instead, the department will focus on "traditional" civil rights cases, was the suggestion.

Adams testified that Fernandez also said the department "has no interest in enforcing" the section of the Motor Voter law that requires local jurisdictions to purge the voting rolls of ineligible voters, even deceased voters, because "it has nothing to do with increasing turnout."

Instapundit has the video of the testimony.
Pajamas Media reports that many former DoJ attorneys (of both political parties) are coming forward to coaberrate Adams' testimony and speak to his character.
J. Christian Adams in his own words after his testimony.

This is the man the DoJ didn't prosecute. The man holding a bill club outside an American polling location. A man calling on Philadelphian Blacks to "kill cracker babies."

This video really brought back bad memories for me. When I was in 8th grade my school had yet to provide a school bus for the few of us that came from the City, so at the tender age of 14 I had to take public transportation to a school 40 minutes from my house. This entailed 4 buses a day with a stop at Broad and Olney (a less-than-desirable intersection for young teen to be alone). Each day members of the Nation of Islam would be standing there as I walked off one bus and waited for another, screaming into their bullhorns and pointing at me..."There she goes. Look Black men, there she is. The Blue-eyed devil. The white, blue eyed devil. We should kill her now to save you the temptation later." Every day something to that effect...screaming and pointing at me. And my school mates wondered why I carried my field hockey stick long after the season had ended...

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