Friday, June 25, 2010

Worst Article I've Ever Read...

Other title options included: Article that pissed me off the most. Or writer that's the biggest douchebag. I can't decide which...I think it's all of the above:

The rise of hugely insufferable women.

Agh. So much to say here. The first being that I wish I could meet author (and I use the word loosely) Mark Morford (doesn't that sound like a name from The Muppets Take Manhattan?) People always think I'm a lib. I don't know why. I imagine it's because people buy into the stereotypes so succinctly espoused in Mr. Morford's "writing" and given the fact I have tattoos, piercings, am an artist and a recycling nut they assume I must have voted for Hope and Change. Everyone is shocked to find out I'm a right wing nut job. (Actually a card-carrying Libertarian these days). So anyway, Mark and I would meet and he'd totally dig me and love hanging out (sounds conceited, but it's not...people always totally dig me) ...I'd woo him for sure.

I'd regale him with tales of my exploits abroad, of my quest to adopt a Black baby and my ongoing search for a gay best friend (I'd leave out that I want him to be a Conservative) and then bam...I'd drop the elephant.

Surprise! I'm one of the women that your latest column slanders...a "largely insufferable women, the Sarah Palin/Carly Fiorina/Michele Bachmann hydra-headed hellbeast of pseudo-women, one part huge cash reserves, one part evil grammar-abusing ditzball psychopath, one part sassy misinformed moxie, overlaid with wonky ideas of motherhood, love of guns and ignorance of sex and reproductive rights..."

Aside from the absolute putrid content of the article, I find his writing style to be incredibly disjointed and difficult to follow his train of thought...

I thought about rebutting another column that he wrote in response to people's visceral reaction to his vitriolic keyboard (a column that he writes to say that he doesn't care that people think he's gay and then "slips in" that he has a girlfriend)...but I won't go there. I'll rise above. I only wish this little fantasy of mine could play out and I could make him eat his words...and his ridiculous stereotypes.

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