Friday, June 04, 2010

White House Wants to Keep Kagan's Past on the DL

"Elena Kagan has kept her cards so close to the vest that in the days after President Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court, some on the left worried she was too moderate to replace liberal Justice John Paul Stevens.

But in documents obtained by CBS News, Kagan--while working as a law clerk to the late Justice Thurgood Marshall - made her positions clear on some of the nation's most contentious social issues.

The documents, buried in Marshall's papers in the Library of Congress, show Kagan standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the liberal left, at a time when the Rehnquist Supreme Court was moving to the conservative right.

They also provide a remarkably candid picture of her opinions, including on the most controversial issue Supreme Court nominees ever confront: abortion..." (Read the whole story)

Of course, Kagan being an Obama-esque far lefty will come as no shock to any of us...but what does indeed shock me is that the White House doesn't seem to know that we already know! He calls her "my friend," doesn't that say it all? How stupid does Obama and Rahm think we are (that's a rhetorical question by the way, unfortunately I already know the answer...)?

"In a letter to Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee Republican, Robert Bauer, counsel to Obama, implied the president may use executive privilege to hide some memos Elena Kagan wrote when she served in the Clinton White House..." (source)

Suppressing important documents, offering bribes for Congressional seats and being 100% at ease being in bed with Big labor...this guy gets scarier as the days go by...

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