Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Makes A Dream?

A sex dream to be exact. Okay, so this is definitely a subject I wouldn't normally delve into here given the fact that my family reads the blog... BUT, it's just too weird to keep to myself.

So, the sex dreams. I don't have them. Aha! How anticlimactic huh? Well, I should say I never did have them. Like never. Until a few years ago (2002?) when I had that sort of dream...about...ugh...Eminem. I thought it was strange as Slim Shady isn't really my type (though he and The Man do have similar noses), but what's one dream? Well, then that one dream turned into a reoccurring dream...for the past EIGHT YEARS.

It had finally been quite a few months since Marshall and I had consummated in dreamland and I thought maybe we were through. That was until Interscope records sold the NHL Em's new song "I'm not afraid" to use behind clips of my beloved Flyers. I couldn't watch it without getting goosebumps...

Needless to say, this must have sent my subconscious into a tizzy and the dreams have returned. Why? What could it mean? Why him? Is sex representational of something else in dreams...? Eight years?!

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