Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We Are The Orange and The Black

They weren't supposed to beat the Rangers. They weren't supposed to beat the Bruins...then, three games down, they really weren't supposed to beat the Bruins. There was no way they were going to beat the Habs...especially not in 5 games. It was a "comeback of epic proportions!"

And now we hear how they'll never beat the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks that fought tooth and nail for a ONE POINT lead in both games...on their home ice.

The Flyers thrive on being the underdogs. They have made any naysayer bragging about the West Coast being so much better than the East Coast eat crow...and now win or lose, there is NO DOUBT they deserved to be here!

...And just like you shouldn't have been cheering for a French Canadian team, nor should any of you be cheering for the team from OBAMA'S home town...

Game 3 @ home ice.

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