Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thomas Kinkade's DUI


I apologize ahead of time, but I can’t resist. I have a few friends and relatives who love this guy, and have his paintings up in their houses. I personally am not a fan of his work.

Thomas Kinkade ‘Painter of Light’ was arrested for ‘suspicion of DUI’ last night.

I’ve seen a couple headlines that make ‘light’ of the situation (pun intended):

'Painter of Light' Kinkade in a dark spot with DUI arrest, bankruptcy case

'Painter of Light' Paints His Way Into a DUI

Personally, I think that he could roll this into a positive event. He just filed bankruptcy, so why not seek some extra cash through endorsements?

My suggestion? ‘The Painter of Light is a Drinker of Bud Light’ (Of course accompanied by a safety message from Kinkade himself speaking out against drunk driving).

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