Friday, June 04, 2010

Section 60

Second 60 in Arlington National Cemetery houses the men and women warriors that were killed in OEF and OIF.

Section 60 Arlington National Cemetery, a documentary currently on HBO, gives viewers a brief glimpse into the devastating pain the families left behind endure.

My dad just told me that this memorial day had depressed him...thinking about how many have died and feeling like so few care. I hope he's wrong. I hope many care. And documentaries like this make it hard not to.

When I was finished watching, I wanted to fly to Iraq and Afghanistan and scream to the people, "Do not waste this opportunity! Do not make even one of these deaths be in vain! Take advantage of the priceless gift that has been handed to you wrapped in American blood!"

I'm not going to lie...this is tough to sit through, beyond tough actually. I cried from start to finish, but I feel like maybe I honored those families a tiny bit...cried with them. But at the end of the film, I got to walk away from that somber plot of ground and I'm sure they're all still there. Grieving, remembering and welcoming more to their fold.

Thank you for your immeasurable sacrifice.

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