Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prince Charles & Islam

How did I miss this one?! And here I thought the Prince was a member of the Church of Al Gore...

"Prince Charles drew ridicule from some British pundits this week when he said that environmentalists should "follow the Islamic way to save the world."

The Prince of Wales, who is next in line to be the English monarch and head and the Church of England, said Wednesday in a speech at the Oxford Centre for World Studies that people needed an ecological mindset based on "sacred traditions," especially those from the Koran.

In Islam, the prince told his audience, there is "no separation between man and nature." People who care about the environment -- Christians and other non-Muslims included -- need to adopt this point of view, he argued.

A lack of belief in the soul is to blame for the world's environmental problems, he said.

The prince also called for measures to slow global population growth, which he said was unsustainable..." (source)

I wonder if the Islamic decree to destroy all the pre-Islamic ancient relics in Afghanistan was not about religious insecurity at all...but an attempt to reduce Buddhas' footprint...

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