Monday, June 28, 2010

Oprah's "Own" Contest

For those that don't know, Oprah is launching her own network and is kicking off that impending venture with a 'Host your own show' contest (I wouldn't have if Army Girl hadn't called me to ask my opinion on an audition tape).
You can watch audition submissions and vote online. Even though the rules concerning the final decision are ambiguous (will the audience ultimately pick the winner or will producers/Oprah have the final say?), there is now some controversy because front runner Zach Anner was overtaken by Doctor Phyllis.

Zach Anner has cerebral palsy and Dr. Phyllis is a very attractive African American woman. Now, let's be honest...cerebral palsy (though Anner refers to it as the "sexiest of the palsies") does not make for a good talk show host. Much the same as my small hands make any dream of being a famous flutist a non-starter. People may watch as a novelty, but Americans watch TV to escape reality (hence Aaron Spellings fortunes). And, I like this guy. He seems to have a great personality and makes the most of what he's been dealt...but being 100% honest, I didn't even watch the entire promo tape...

In addition to my dashed flute dreams, The Man is 6'4...he couldn't be a jockey and that's not discrimination, just life. TV shows exist to make money.

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