Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Wants the Art of Himself Walking on Water

I believe the Obama's fancy themselves hipsters.

Hipsters of the worst kind in my estimation --the Emperor's new clothes kind. The kind that when redecorating the White House would ship Churchill's bust back to 10 Downing street. The kind that would replace fine art with 'the Homage to the Square' and ‘I Think I’ll...’ I realize art is subjective --but if my 11 year old could reproduce it with no's subject to my criticism and qualifies as 'Emperor's New Clothes art' in my opinion.

So, now it seems he's expanding his "modern art" palette to include cartooning. Specifically a cartoon of himself...walking on water. Of course.

"Now we learn, thanks to Howard Kurtz on CNN, that Obama adviser David Axelrod made a call to the editor of the New Yorker magazine requesting a copy of the Feb. 1 cover of the magazine showing No. 44 walking on water. (No, not the newly-resurfaced Gulf of Mexico.)

The only stipulation: The cover art had to be autographed by artist Barry Blitt.

Here's the exchange between Kurtz and magazine editor David Remnick on "Reliable Sources":

REMNICK: Well, they wanted a signed version of the cover. And, you know, there were other covers maybe they didn't like as well. But I think they got over it. In fact, they got over it a lot faster than some other people.

KURTZ: What did Axelrod's office tell you about Obama's personal reaction?

REMNICK: I think Axelrod and Obama were laughing hysterically over this cover. And the fact to their credit, within a matter of weeks, that they reversed the really sinking trend that they were experiencing, and they passed health care. And the White House certainly reversed its downward trend pretty quickly after that cover. I'm not saying the cover was anywhere near responsible for it." (source)

I imagine he'd say that he enjoys the representation of his fallibility...but we all know he's going to cut out the last square when no one's around... ;)

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