Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama: An Alien in Corpes Skin or Victim of a Biblical Plague?

Yesterday, as the talk of McCrystal died down and everyone was talking about Obama's vermin problem...I kept picturing Vincent D'Onofrio from Men in Black (You know, the Law and Order guy with all sorts of things buzzing around him because he's an alien roach wearing some dead guy's skin as a disguise). No, that's not the makings of some clever English-major metaphor...just what I was picturing as the fly kept buzzing around Barry's head and finally came to rest on his lip. Then recalling the last fly that met a hasty Presidential demise. And the rat that upstaged the CiC during a presser in the Rose Garden. I don't remember Bush ever having a pestilence problem, do you...?

The NYT claims the bugs are a real problem: "The White House is bugged! No, not like that. But actual flies are swarming the place, confounding housekeepers, irritating aides, even trying to feast on the president... (source)

I mean, I know Obama's much too intellectual to consult the Bible in light of this bombardment...but plagues were God's way of getting a leader's attention when they were headed down the wrong road...

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