Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Moral Matrix" Quiz

"Capital Republicanism is a moderate form of Conservatism.

Capital Republicans are in favor of a Capitalist market economy and a strong moral order (abortion-control, tradional family values, strong military,...).

There is much debate over how to define Capitalism. Some proponents of capitalism emphasize the role of (presumably efficient) free markets, which, they claim, promote freedom and democracy. For many, capitalism hinges on the elaboration of an economic system in which goods and services are traded in markets, and capital goods belong to non-state entities [Independence], onto a global scale. For others, it is defined by the creation of a labor market in which most people had to sell their labor-power in order to survive."


(By the "averages" on all these political quizzes it seems like Libs are the only ones taking them...looking for the computer to tell them how moral they are...searching for a virtual pat on the back...? Well, let's make those "averages" a bit more realiastic, shall we?)

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