Monday, June 21, 2010

Meg Whitman Lied to Win the Primary?

Shocker! Someone lying to get elected. Well, truthfully, I was a tad shocked that Meg Whitman's illegal-about-face is coming BEFORE the general election. Normally politicians wait until they're comfortably installed into their new office to let voters know they've been had.

Meg Whitman (former eBay CEO and Social-issue RINO) campaigned on being tough on illegal immigration. She even enlisted former California Governor Pete Wilson to vouch for her:

"In a new 60-second radio spot, Whitman turns to Wilson, who says: "I know how important it is to stop illegal immigration, and I know Meg Whitman. Meg will be tough as nails on illegal immigration." (source)

But now that she's won the primary?

"Now, Whitman is on the air with two new Spanish-language ads, and Wilson is nowhere to be found. Instead, the ads discuss Whitman's opposition to Arizona's immigration law and to Proposition 187, the 1994 measure backed by, you guessed it, Pete Wilson..." (source)

So, what are voters supposed to do? Until we're allowed to require lie detectors during stump speeches, I guess we have to hone our own lie detection skills.

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