Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Last Laugh

Blackhawk fans might be able to blame Dan McNeil for the Flyers second, tie up the series, win last night. It just might have been his annoying little OpEd that got the Fly Boys and Philly fans fired up. Thanks for the boost Dan...guess you forgot about Mike Wise's WashPo column and the whopping of the Capitals that ensued...

Thanks Dan for reiterating that this isn't a "kitty-cat" sport (Dude, go back to writing about baseball please) ...See, here in Philly we don't "enage in discussion" (didn't you mean engage writer-boy?) those daft enough to wear opposing team jerseys during the finals...instead, we call you out for the shit-starter you are! Obviously if your wearing red and black in a sea of orange, you're looking for a problem... And then he's gonna whine when they get a little jawing from the crowd?!

So yeah Dan, advise your readers to stay away from Philly...away from the foundation of this country and some of the best food the East Coast has to offer...because you are a wussy-boy who's never heard a little colorful language before. And in the midst of all your feigned high-brow condensation, you insult Philadelphian women's looks and weight? What a shallow, scumbag you are Dan. We were talking hockey and you went and took below the belt cheap shots calling us low class all the while...doesn't surprise me though. I guess CHICAGO-STYLE journalism is the same as CHICGO-STYLE politics...shady.

On a lighter note, Joe Biden is a Flyers fan (and wife is a HUGE Flyers fan). That makes me feel a little better about him being next in line for the Oval Office. ;)


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