Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Israel, Turkey, Iran and Gaza...

First, can I say how ridiculous it is that Turkey has the gall to call for a fatwa against Israel. The same Turkey that has been occupying Cyprus for over 20 years (and actually, forcibly occupying...not making sacrifices for like the US in Iraq and Afghanistan...)

Secondly, we have Iran stirring the Middle Eastern pot and escalating tension with their proposed military-escorted aid ships to Gaza.

The Israel naysayers might not want to acknowledge this, but international law experts say the blockade of Gaza is legal. Israel is under a constant threat of attack and "a nation that is enforcing a blockade in wartime has the right to board a ship that it reasonably suspects of carrying contraband for the cordoned-off area."

Can you blame them for refusing to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty?

Glen Beck's take on the whole affair has been thought-provoking as usual. What did Karl Marx have to say about Judaism...?

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