Friday, June 11, 2010

Honor Flights

Do you all know about the Honor Flight Network?

I didn't until recently when I told Army Girl that I felt bad that I had the chance to stand between the Atlantic and Pacific pillars of the World War II memorial and my Grandfather hadn't. She said, "Why don't you get him on an honor flight?"

This incredible organization was started in 2005. With WWII veterans leaving us at approximately 1,000 a day, Earl Morse saw a need when he met WWII vets that had no hope of making their way to D.C. and is rectifying it...allowing these veterans to see the memorial that has been conceived and erected in their honor.

So, if you're a veteran or caregiver/guardian, you can apply for a flight leaving from a hub in your area.

Or, if you're as impressed as I am with this service, you can donate to the cause.

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