Monday, June 07, 2010

Guest Post by "Mo"

This is indeed sad news for the children of Enfield. So much for common sense and clear thinking, as one of my former bosses would say. Instead of holding their graduation at a fully modern facility with plenty of parking and air conditioning, graduates will be limited to two tickets in a small, old, un-ventilated gymnasium. [source]

This means that during a time of ever rising drop-out rates, siblings and others who would and should benefit from the inspiration of watching a commencement will not, and those that do will suffer. Good thing there are no tickets for Grandma and Grandpa, they might not make it through the un-air conditioned ceremony in the month of June.

In my humble opinion, this is yet another example of how organizations such as the ACLU pervert our laws that guarantee separation of church and state to mean ‘separation of church FROM state’ which it was never meant to be.

You see, many of the problems in our world exist because we do not understand, or have tolerance for things / people who are different from us. If we instead could focus on the similarities and understand the differences, I think we would find that it’s a lot easier to work through issues that arise. I have had Muslim and Jewish friends pray with me at my own dinner table. I have also had quite a few conversations about religion with my Muslim counterparts here in Iraq. We agree on the morals and values that make a good and just human being.

My own beliefs are not threatened by those of other people who prescribe to another religion, or no religion at all. If they were, then maybe I should have cause to re-evaluate them (this is me being honest with myself in order to imply that maybe we need the members of the ACLU to start being honest with themselves about why their organization is so threatened by Christianity).

If the graduates of Enfield are unable to discern that this is a non-religious ceremony taking place in a church not because the school district has decided to convert everyone to Christianity, but instead because it makes practical and fiscal sense, then maybe we ought not to award them diplomas...

P.S.- an extra helping of shame should go to lawyers and our legal system which has made it too expensive for the school district to fight this in court. If the ACLU truly believes that its stance is the just one, then they should welcome the legal battle in order to establish precedence all the way to the Supreme Court, and therefore foot the legal bills for the school board.

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