Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google "Veterans" and Get A Truther's Lefty Site

There has been talk about the pages Google lists on the front page for searches... I believe Rush has talked at length about this.

I have been helping out the folks at American Women Veterans by looking for news stories each day that would be of interest to their membership. It struck me a few days ago, that regardless of what search words I use, a site called "Veterans Today" always seems to be first on the list of returns. Specifically a daily feature: Top Ten Veterans Stories in Today's News. This is a FAR left site, run by a FAR left former Marine (This guy was obviously drafted to Vietnam under the same lowered standards that Muhammad Ali was...). He is an Israel hater who claims to have been a "featured commentator" on Al Jezeera and has recently written articles in defense of Helen Thomas and concocting Joe Lieberman conspiracy theories (he controls the internet!) and I'm pretty sure he's a 9/11 truther.

The thing is, the site initially appears like an innocuous, veterans information site and not like the ideological disaster it truly is. How did this page get top billing for every search including the word veteran? I have to wonder how many veterans/service members are unwittingly directed there looking only to talk in the forums, but are then subject to the garbage the authors are espousing...

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