Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fair Tax: Change that Believes in You

Guest Post by Mo

From an Article “The Grown Up” I recently read in The American Spectator:

"I've been thinking lately about this slogan that won the last presidential election, 'Change You Can Believe In,'" Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels mused to a group of Washington reporters on Tuesday. "Obviously, it was effective, because they won. But I've been thinking, what the hell does that mean? What was artful about it was that it can mean anything. If I believe in it, it must be what the guy's talking about. So, points for cleverness."

Yet Daniels continued, "If we (Republicans) had a catch phrase of our own, it would be more like, 'Change That Believes In You.' You're a person of dignity. You're a person who was born to be free, and ... if we simply arrange society in a fair way, you're fully capable of deciding how to spend as many of your dollars as we can leave with you, where your kid should go to school, what health care to buy or not buy." [source]

I like a lot of what Governor Daniels has to say, and his great proposed catch phrase for the Republican party this time around. I may be splitting hairs here, so a follow on conversation to clarify his position would be ideally warranted (however unlikely at this juncture from where I sit, pecking away at my laptop in Iraq, counting down the last few hours before I depart on some much needed R&R)...

Anyway, my point is that I disagree with him that government should allow us to “spend as many of your dollars as we can leave with you." I agree with his overall message, that government needs to be re-arranged in a fair way, one that puts more emphasis on individual freedoms and liberty (at least, that’s what I thought he was saying). He was saying that the government should trust the American tax payer with more of their own money, but he pulls up short in my opinion.

(If you are reading this aloud in front of friends who are liberals, politicians, or lobbyists, before you read this next sentence, please ensure they are seated or at least aren’t standing near any sharp objects, in case they faint).

Shouldn't it ought to be that the Government trusts us to spend all of our money the way we see fit? How does the government deciding how much of my earnings I get to keep encourage hard work and industry? That's why I support the FairTax, the abolishment of our current tax system and establishment of a Federal Sales Tax in its place. Let me keep everything I make, and when I decide to spend it, tax those expenditures. I decide when and how much I get taxed... That is truly ‘Change That Believes in You.’ If only our leaders were brave enough to believe.

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