Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Don't Read This Article

It will annoy the hell out of you. Even the headline will irk you: Hipsters on Food Stamps.

What were we to expect after the Speaker of the House basically told struggling artists and musicians to wallow in their unemployment --that Obama-care would allow them to continue sucking of their parents and not get a paying job...

The next step is for those same cool, artsy types to begin partaking of food stamps...oops, I mean, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

But gone are the staples of yesteryear: Cheerios, Vitamin D milk and a big block of government, these kids are using your tax money to buy organic arugula and farm-raised salmon.

"...Magida, a 30-year-old art school graduate applied for food stamps last summer, and since then she's used her $150 in monthly benefits for things like fresh produce, raw honey and fresh-squeezed juices from markets near her house in the neighborhood of Hampden, and soy meat alternatives and gourmet ice cream from a Whole Foods a few miles away. "I'm eating better than I ever have before," she told me..."

Food policy experts and human resource administrators are quick to point out that the overwhelming majority of the record 38 million Americans now using food stamps are their traditional recipients: the working poor, the elderly and single parents on welfare.

But they also note that recent changes made to the program as part of last year's stimulus package, which relaxed the restrictions on able-bodied adults without dependents to collect food stamps, have made some young singles around the country eligible for the first time.

"There are many 20-somethings from educated families who go through a period of unemployment and live very frugally, maybe even technically in poverty, who now qualify,"
said Parke Wilde, a food economist at Tufts University who has written extensively about food stamp usage and policy..." (Read the whole story)

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