Thursday, June 17, 2010

Combat Boots & Useless Information

New blog contributor (see good things do come of whining that you're going to quit blogging!), MO, learned of my penchant for useless information the hard way...

Just minding his business in Iraq...fighting a war against terror and all...and along comes an email from me:

"Did you know that modern day Mosul and ancient Nineveh are one in the same...Nineveh! As in Nineveh of Jonah and the Whale fame!? Right there in Iraq!"

Apparently, his single word reply "Interesting" was a subtle clue that I found the information much more compelling than he not being in threat of running over an IED and all...

So, in celebration of divulging absolutely useless facts, I set out to discover the origin of the phrase "your momma wears combat boots." I had been wondering if it was a remark disparaging the first women of the military... There are pages and pages of speculation -from some saying it was aimed at working mothers in general to others saying it meant your mom was a lesbian or just butch.

But, the most feasible explanation I found, was this saying was used (obviously) as an insult to imply your mother was a prostitute that either needed boots to follow the infantry soldiers around, or had boots that she had been given in exchange for sex with a soldier/marine/etc.

I guess the reason my kids have never heard it is metalhead/punk/goth genres rendered this 'insult' powerless when combat boots became all the rage...

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