Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye?

In July it'll be six years that I've been doing this. Six years of 3-5 posts a day...that's reading 20 stories (at a minimum) to see what interests me that day... That's lots of time and then there's searching for "the perfect" picture for the post and creating it in Photoshop if I can't find one. Only within the past year have I finally joined Blogads, but the minimal revenue barely covers the cost of the various blog accoutrements. This was all just part of the grind as the blog was building, but now six years in and all that work to get one or two comments on a post? It's not fair to take away time from my family for a shrinking enterprise. Is it? These past couple of months had the least visitors than I've had in years. So I guess I have to take a hint. Either I've lost something I had, there are just too many blogs saturating the scene or people are just too depressed to care anymore...I don't know, but either way it's too draining to do all this for a dwindling few.

I never imagined I'd be Kos or Instapundit...supporting my family on blog revenue. I was always surprised I got any ads at all...but what I did want was publishing contacts. I wanted someone that could help me get the children's book that I wrote and illustrated looked at without my name being Tori Spelling , Jewel or Madonna. That's all I really ever wanted...

So I'm in a quandary. I am so not a quitter (well, except for was two years nicotine free on Monday!). But I also want to be fair to my family and to the few advertisers I get...and myself. What to do. Jump or go down with the ship...? Or just take this opportunity to vent and then keep trudging on...? Or maybe have tonyr redesign the blog to mask my frustrations for a little while more...?

And there are so many thing I love about the blog --I have met so many wonderful people friends... Could I really give it up even if I wanted to?

But really, Glenn Beck is doing all the heavy lifting these days...who needs really blogs when we have him?

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