Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SCOTUS Pick 2: Dishing on Elena Kagan

Of course, my first question was...Is she gay? Which I Googled to find that I was not alone in my inquiry. Gaysocialites.com (tag line: "more than just gay news for gay men") says "The big question on everyone's mind seems to be whether or not Kagan is a lesbian. My gaydar is going off, but it doesn't always work on lesbians."

Not that it matters (it would explain the military recruiters issue though)...just wondering purely out of personal curiosity... Of course this dude over at HuffPo thinks the speculation is purely because she's a "single woman." Uh, noooo. Maybe because she's an exceedingly butch single woman that only seems to get worked up over LGBT issues...and not just single...no boyfriend on the record...ever. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Men are seriously overrated! ;) And HuffPo boy also thinks it's the "Christian Right" that's speculating...guess he doesn't read GaySocialites.com. He doesn't realize it's MORE than just gay news for gay men!

Seriously though, Some articles out there are claiming that Kagan is not President Obama's Harriet Miers (which was actually my second thought -after the Butch thing). But Conservatives are upset over her lack of a paper trail (*ahem* assume she's VERY liberal if O! is appointing her). There are some claiming the left is upset over Kagan and has some reservations, but I think that's a farce to lull Conservatives into an easy Confirmation process...

And it will be interesting to see what turncoat Arlen Specter does now that he's kissing the ring...as he opposed Kagan's confirmation last year for Solicitor General.

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