Thursday, May 27, 2010

Putting Libertarian Values to the Test

Should a City/Town/Borough have any say over the appearance of your property? If one would need a hunting license to venture through your grass, if you have trash/furniture outside or visible and overflowing trash cans?

The Man and I were talking about this yesterday because two of our friends get harassed quite often for one reason or another. The Libertarian in me says, No Way! You should be able to let your grass grow as long as you want and make a living room in old furniture on your lawn if you want...

...but then under my breath I say, As long as you're not my neighbor.

It's a hard call. Private property is private property, but anyone from the Philly area knows that having any land worth speaking about is few and far between here --many in the city have no grass at all. So you are literally right on top of your neighbors...looking at each other if you're outside at the same time. The Man and I are pretty anal about our little yard and when our next door neighbor (who blessedly I think is agoraphobic) decides to put an old rusty chair with his sun bleached hose right next to our fence --it drives me INSANE (I just planed grape vines to cover the fence and obscure his yard from our view).

But I wouldn't call the police over it.

Ugh. It's a tough call. I think I could go on for hours making the argument for both sides...

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