Thursday, May 27, 2010

Governor Christie: Make That ONE Thing I Like About Jersey...

I've liked him since his campaign, but I got a little crush-on when I saw this news feed:

And now I think I might be fully in love now that he's repeatedly smacked down the teacher's union:

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- speaking at The Plaza hotel about his plan to cap property-tax increases at 2.5 percent -- ripped into his state's teachers association yesterday, blasting it as an "an absolutely out-of-control union that is used to getting everything it wants."

The famously blunt governor said the Garden State must work aggressively to slash spending and cut taxes.

Speaking to a receptive crowd at an event for the right-of-center Manhattan Institute, the Republican pol warned, "We are careening our way toward becoming Greece." (source)

Here's another video of Gov. Christie confronting a teacher about her salary. (H/T: Sam)

He's like the Tony Soprano of the Republican Party and I'm digging it!

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