Monday, May 03, 2010

Gadsden & Culpeper

I am not really a slogan t-shirt or bumper sticker kind of girl. I find tons of them hilarious, but I don't like to wear my politics on my sleeve (or on my chest as the case may be). I prefer to have folks assume I'm a lib (because I wear black and have piercings and a few tattoos I guess?), talk crap about Conservatives, say how much they like me...and then I drop it on them... Dispelling stereotypes...a favorite pastime.

That being said, I have had the Gadsden flag sticker on my Explorer for about a year. I also wear it on a t-shirt. It's been like a secret handshake. Those of the same mind know and those who don't...well who cares about them...

After quite a few email inquiries and then Wendell's blog inquiry, I decided to find a way to make getting your Gadsden and Culpeper merchandise a bit easier. I looked through the sites offering them and this one was my favorite: I emailed him and asked if we could set up a link on my site and Not only did he offer a FREE SHIPPING code (make sure to type it in where it says "promo code" when you're ordering), he also offered to give me 20% of anything bought using the link from Blonde Sagacity. :)

Hope this helps to make ordering the flag easier for those that have emailed!

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