Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Group VS. Pakistan?

When your Facebook group (that from what I can tell is only "liked" by 9,000) can cause a COUNTRY (such as Pakistan) to block Facebook from their citizens...that's just INSANE. Who are these people?!

The Group, Everybody Draw Mohammad Day -May 20, 2010, has made it so a Pakistani court has banned the social networking site. Really?

Do they understand that there are baby Jesus butt plugs out there? There is a Jesus cartoon in the works at Comedy Central. There are terrible depictions of Christ all over the web. So why would we have an IOTA of empathy for them and their ridiculous behavior. And isn't Allah the god and Mohammad a prophet? Why no pictures of a prophet? And have the Mullahs eradicated terrorism, poverty and crimes against women in their country that they have time to be worried about Facebook groups?!

I never thought a COUNTRY could throw a collective temper tantrum, but we have seen it now in both Greece and Pakistan.

And, once again, we have to ask...Where is the outrage (<- Great essay!)

Humor and civics lessons aside, most of the submissions kinda suck...except for this one which I love:

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