Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Veterans and Suicide: Sobering Statistics

"An Iraq War veteran wearing military fatigues stood in predawn quiet Friday at a monument to soldiers and fatally shot himself with an assault rifle outside the Veterans Affairs medical center where he had been a patient, authorities said.

Police said Jesse C. Huff, 27, fired a second round into his head after he survived a first shot. Authorities said he had appeared to have no intention of harming anyone else, although police searched a military-type backpack near the body and also Huff's van. The police bomb squad detonated the backpack as a precaution.

The Veterans Affairs Department recently said that preliminary data showed a 26 percent increase in suicides among male veterans ages 18 to 29 from 2005 to 2007, the most recent year for which such data was available.

In recent years, the VA has hired thousands of new mental health professionals and established a suicide hot line credited with "rescues" of nearly 6,000 veterans and military members in distress...." (source)

I sincerely hope PTSD doesn't go untreated because it isn't cool or manly to talk about the symptoms... I hope there are some big, badass recon Marines or Navy SEALS that will consider doing some PSAs for the military about this subject. A 26% suicide increase is unacceptable.

And any support you can give AMERICAN WOMEN VETERANS in helping Congress and the Pentagon to admit that women are indeed serving in combat, and that the VA should be treating them for PTSD also, would be greatly appreciated by all the women that performed gallantly in firefights throughout Iraq and Afghanistan...

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