Friday, April 23, 2010

Support Our Seals: Case Updates and Norfolk Rally

As I am sure you have heard by now the first of three accused Navy Seals was found not guilty. Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas faced a six man navy jury to defend accusations of dereliction of duty and covering up the alleged beating of a terror suspect. Huertas, in true warrior fashion, has not lost heart and says he will be rejoining the SEALS "as soon as possible." (Read the whole story)

Of course, NAVY SEAL CLEARED OF CHARGES wasn't the headline the Associated Press decided to go with...they thought "Iraqi testified he was beaten by US troops" would be better...

During that trial yesterday, Ahmed Hashim Abed testified that he was punched in the stomach...but in this morning's trial of the second accused SEAL (SO2 Jonathan Keefe’) Abed said that he was kicked in the stomach. Hmmmmm... So ACH-med, you hung our Blackwater guys (military veterans I'm sure) burnt from a bridge and you got a gut shot? The problem is....?

Anyone in Virginia that can attend a rally for the SEALS? Here's the info:

"If these cases are not thrown out before Monday, May 3, we will be showing our support for all 3 SEALs on that day by gathering outside of Gate 5 at Naval Station Norfolk for a Support Rally while Matthew McCabe is in the court room. (Corner of Hampton Blvd & B Avenue / Seabee Rd, Norfolk, VA)

The rally will begin at 10am and, unless McCabe’s trail ends early on that day, we will wrap it up by 3pm. Directly after the rally, everyone is invited to head over to Poppa’s Pub for a drink and to hang out with supporters and possibly a few SEALs.

For more information on this rally, please contact Dawn West at 757.374.2774"

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