Monday, April 12, 2010

SCOTUS Appointment #2

Two Supreme Court picks already. THIS is why I urged everyone to put your problems with McCain aside and vote.

Apparently, Justice John Paul Steven fancies himself a "judicial Conservative." If he truly was he would have retired during Bush's Presidency so another "judicial Conservative" would take his place. I mean, he was 88 years old during Bush's last's not like he would have been retiring early...

And before the Left starts their "party of no" (they really are the bumper sticker party huh?) chants...please remember that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden voted against John Roberts and Sam Alito. (*Watch video -Obama praises Roberts as a judge but says he'll vote against him?*)

So here we are again, with the most liberal president to date on his second SCOTUS pick. If he has any balls whatsoever he'll realize that he's probably going to be one and done and pick the most far-out liberal he can to sit on the highest court in the land... I think his pick will give us some insight as to how he sees his Presidential future...

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