Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Regulating World Capitalism"

"...French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday praised President Obama's health care overhaul, called his push for stricter financial regulations "great news" and, standing alongside Mr. Obama at the White House, said he hopes their administrations can team up "to go even further in regulating world capitalism." (source)

Just recently, I was being regaled with amazing stories from some Polish 20-somethings and the realities of product regulations (only three rolls of TP for you) and name registries (you can pick from these 200 names for your baby) in their life times. Could one President truly put us on a path toward Socialism? Could it be done in four years? Eight? Could a new President enact a return to Capitalism and the Constitution and the small government the Founders envisioned...or is repeal unrealistic? Realistically, what long term damage could this man inflict?

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