Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boycott San Fran...Permanently?

"...Sanctuary city San Francisco is leading the charge in pressing municipalities and groups to consider a boycott of Arizona over its law that will allow police to ask people their immigration status.

Mayor Gavin Newsom this week suspended all non-essential travel for city employees going to Arizona, meaning no conference in Scottsdale next weekend for members of the city's housing authorities. The city's Board of Supervisors also has taken the first step toward an economic boycott, a move that could result in the suspension of existing contracts with Arizona-based companies and a ban on new ones..." (source)

Really, can we just kick them out once and for all? You know, as an East Coaster born and bred I'd like to employ President Bush to don his ninja suit and blow up the California fault line the way he did the levees in New Orleans... Have California become its own little entity... But I'll settle for San Francisco gone.

Among hundreds of other infractions, they don't want our military and now they are encouraging a boycott of Arizona for reiterating the law of the land?! People should have been boycotting them FOR YEARS for breaking the law by offering harbor to illegals. So, in the twisted minds of the San Fran elite, these people are an asset while the military is a bad thing? And they reward those that break our laws and now seek to punish those that would uphold them? Doesn't that revoke their membership card or something?

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