Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Guy Wrote for Sesame Street?

There is an OpEd in yesterday's Taunton Daily Gazette (which I gather from their advertisers is somewhere in Massachusetts) that left me a tad befuddled... It's about the ongoing Starbucks-unconcealed weapon controversy.

The writer, Lloyd Garver, seems to have his stereotypes muddled and the result is a disjointed and confusing pontification...

He begins by stating that Starbucks is a "symbol of yuppies and carefree consumerism" and a place where "the smallest cup of coffee is called a “Tall.” Depending on what you order, you can easily spend two or three bucks for a cup."

But then says that those things make it a "place with the kinds of products mocked by right-wing opponents of vegetarians, elitism and free-range chicken potpies."

So, "carefree consumerism" is a left-wing trait? Paying $4 a coffee is a hippie prerogative to be mocked by the GOP? I mean, if we're trading in stereotypes here, I thought the Grand Ol' Party was comprised of the rich fat cats? Who better to waste precious dollars on fancy grande half-calf mochachinnos than rich, white old men...right?

And are the free-range vegans frequenting Starbucks...or roasting their own organic Guatemalan beans and pouring it into their recycled, reusable travel mugs?

Even from there the article talks about a riff between "traditional NRAers" that believe guns should be concealed and these "gun-toting, Second Amendment-loving customers" that are causing the controversy. So, traditional NRAers aren't "gun-toting, Second Amendment-loving customers?"

The commentary was all over the place with inconsistent stereotypes. Am I knit-picking here. I really don't think so... You can read it and decide.

But for the record Mr. Garver, I am a life-long Libertarian leaning Conservative (or maybe Conservative-leaning Libertarian) and not only do I frequent Starbucks for my grande no-fat vanilla lattes whenever possible, I only make Starbucks' Verona or Italian Roast at home. I buy free range and I recycle (and compost!) AND I don't, nor would I ever, own a gun.

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