Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Surprised There Was Anger When She 'Tweeted' Her Abortion? Really?

"...A 27-year-old woman who gave a running commentary of her abortion on Twitter says she is astonished by the backlash she has received.

Angie Jackson claimed she did it to "demystify" abortion. But opponents have been outraged by her decision to go public and by the graphic nature of her Tweets..." (source)

Her own website goes into a bit more depth about her decision to take the Abortion Pill (RU-486):

"...My birth control failed, and I am pregnant. I have been in physical pain for days, and I think a certain amount of the emotional distress (read: suicidal depression & panic attacks) I've been under has been caused by hormone fluxes and my body being taken over. I can't *afford* to have all nutritional resources diverted elsewhere, and I'm not ready to be the mom of two kids.

Hell, I'll never be ready for that. I decided about ten minutes after my son was born that he was the only one in the world for me. As it became clear he had special needs, this decision cemented. I honestly believe that being an only child will be the best thing for HIM, in no small part because I feel at least somewhat capable of being a good mom to him, but not of being a good mom (certainly not a great mom) to two special needs children..." (source)

"...Ms Jackson claims she has always spoken about controversial topics online after being raised in a fundamentalist cult [Mormon] and suffering sexual abuse..." (source)

I empathize with the 'health of the mother' argument, but my question is: If she KNEW that she only wanted one child. If she KNEW a special needs child demanded all she could give. If she truly did almost die during the first birth. And if doctor's truly did advise against any more pregnancies --why didn't she have her tubes tied or why wasn't she using an implant of some kind? I realize her birth control is her issue, but she's trying to play this off as if she's a responsible role model here...taking care of her business by 4 weeks gestation. But if she were responsible she wouldn't have conceived to begin with --especially given the finality of her decision to be one and done "ten minutes after her son was born."

(I didn't want to belittle the seriousness of the subject matter with comments about Angie's liberally-applied blue eyeshadow but please know that it took all my self-restraint. Thank you.)

***I shouldn't even have blogged about this as she's really just a cam-ho who obviously has serious issues separating online life from real life and I shouldn't be feeding into that with more traffic***

(H/T: Liz)

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