Friday, March 26, 2010

"Socialism:" Running Theme of the Week

Refresh my memory please...weren't Conservatives accused of using scare tactics and histrionics when they applied the term Socialist to Barack Obama? That's somehow lumped in as part of our hate mongering and racism.

And then, earlier this week, we were told that Al Sharpton's socialist comment shouldn't be taken seriously and that people like him "don't really speak for the causes, parties, initiatives for which they inveigh." And then Rep. Dingell's "control the people" comment was just a vocabulary misstep. Nothing to fear for the kooky right-wingers...

But now we can add another Obama friend to the growing list of associates that are telling it like it is:

"...[Cornell] West declared "socialism has a future."

He stated, "We are at a very crucial historical moment. My dear friend Barack Obama, he needs help. He needs deep help. He needs pressure. Organized, mobilized pressure."

West went on to urge the crowd not to rely on "messiahs" or "leaders," instead explaining the mantel for ushering socialist change into the country "falls onto us."

Obama named West, whom he has called a personal friend, to the Black Advisory Council of his presidential campaign. West was a key point man between Obama's campaign and the black community.

"He is my brother and my companion and comrade," said West of Obama. " (source)

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