Thursday, March 25, 2010

*REWARD* $10K For Proof of Racial Slurs *REWARD*

Remember the unsubstantiated claims that Tea Party enthusiasts were daft enough to hurl racial epitaphs at members of the Black Congressional caucus with tons of media everywhere (yet not once seems to have been caught on tape)?

Well, it seems Andrew Breibart (of Big Hollywood and Big Government) is offering up $10,000 of his own dollars that will be donated to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can produce evidence of the racial assaults that have been alleged committed by Tea Party activists.

Here is a great interview video where David Shuster's temper tantrum about the tea party members is deftly dealt with by The Big Black Lie author Kevin Jackson. I actually watched this a few times...

...And lastly, to be fair, it seems Obama did follow through on his pledge to donate his $1.4 million Nobel peace Prize winnings. These are the 10 beneficiaries of his "Just thanks for not being Bush" award.

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