Monday, March 22, 2010

Racials Slurs? I Highly Doubt It.

My grandfather is known to say, "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."

Tea party members know that they have been labeled racists. They know the press and the Hollywood elite are out to diminish their commitment, message and intelligence by making their concerns about the revamping of their country nothing more than anger over a half Black man in the White House. There is no way they would indulge the Jeannine Garafalos and Bill Maher's by proving them right on the capitol steps. Please.

Great Story (with video) on how the MSM reported this (like it was fact) and FNC reported it (as allegations) given THIS:

"Fox News also reported yesterday that it had contacted Capitol police to find out whether the incident had been reported or was being investigated. Capitol police confirmed that it was neither reported, nor was it being investigated. These are pertinent facts, which the public has a right to know. Yet, the Washington Post relied only upon the claims made by these black lawmakers and Barney Frank to frame the allegations as established fact."

Are Tea Party activists angry? Of course they are. Of course WE are I should say. The thought of your country being changed forever without ONE Republican vote can be a bit unsettling. So Garry Trudeau, you droll windbag and intellectual property IS indeed taxation without Representation...

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