Monday, March 08, 2010

Organic Goods Going Extinct

Normally I wouldn't have posted this story, but one of the Freepers had it filed under "Lib Suicide Watch."

"...Some 450,000 pounds of organic coffee sit in a warehouse here, stacked neatly in 132-pound bags. It's some of the world's best coffee, but Gerardo De Leon can't sell it, "The roasters don't want to pay extra these days."

De Leon is asking $2 per pound for the unroasted coffee, about 50 cents more than the going price. But he says he'll soon have to sell it as conventionally grown coffee, which sells for less.

That's why many Mesoamerican farmers here are starting to give up on organic coffee: The premium price that it used to fetch is disappearing." (source)

Aside from not wanting to pay top dollar, maybe people have actually read the studies about organic food being no healthier than regular produce, etc.

That being said, I am a huge advocate of growing your own food (the only way to know it's truly organic anyway).

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