Monday, March 08, 2010

Obama's At My Alma Mater

I would have been there if I'd known. I was wondering why my phone rang off the hook all weekend. I was having a finally-good-weather-technology-free weekend. No, there's no way I would have stood with the 2,000 they're packing into a gym that surely can't pass fire codes with that many people...but I'd love to see if I know any of the Tea Partiers there :)

***You can read a first hand account here

Small Excerpt:
"The vast majority of the students there were there to see Obama and were just giddy. I had to laugh, however, when the President said he had to be honest the health care plan was not going to be free. You should have seen the students looking at each other. The room got quiet, which was notable since at most other times it was very loud and very hot."~Ruby Slippers Blog

(H/T: Sam)

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