Thursday, March 04, 2010

Iraq War Films

The 'Hurt Locker' was definitely on my 'to see list'...until an uber left friend of my brothers recommended "all Americans see The Hurt Locker." Then I was suspect. Why would an important player in the Young Democrats of Philadelphia want all Americans to see a movie about a war they called illegal unless it depicted a flawed America and disenfranchised troops? The problem is, I can't find anyone that saw it to tell me what they thought.

I searched this morning and found a WashPo article that says some OIF veterans were annoyed with the inaccurate portrayals:

"Many in the military say "Hurt Locker" is plagued by unforgivable inaccuracies that make the most critically acclaimed Iraq war film to date more a Hollywood fantasy than the searingly realistic rendition that civilians take it for.

To which you might say: It's just a movie and an action flick at that. It's Tinseltown fiction -- an interpretation of war such as "Full Metal Jacket" or "Apocalypse Now." It's supposed to entertain. It's not a documentary, not real life.

But to those who were there, Iraq is real life. And they're very sensitive -- some would say overly so -- when their war is portrayed via a central character who is a reckless rogue.

Hence a rising backlash from people in uniform, such as this response on Rieckhoff's Facebook page from a self-identified Army Airborne Ranger:

"[I]f this movie was based on a war that never existed, I would have nothing to comment about. This movie is not based on a true story, but on a true war, a war in which I have seen my friends killed, a war in which I witnessed my ranger buddy get both his legs blown off. So for Hollywood to glorify this crap is a huge slap in the face to every soldier who's been on the front line." (source)

That brings us to "The Green Zone." Matt Damon just can't seem to let go of Jason Bourne (I get it Matt, he's much cooler than the real you) and has recast him as an American soldier that is out to expose the American government for faking a source that provided WMD information. Well, that's what I gather from watching the trailer. I have to say, given his proclivities...I kinda loathe seeing him in that uniform.

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