Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Encouraging GITMO Terrorists to Claim Abuse

We knew that al Qaeda was coaching disciples to claim degradation and abuse at the hands of Coalition troops should they be captured, but could we fathom this suggestion coming from American lawyers?

"...On the evening of Jan. 26, 2006, military guards at Guantanamo Bay made an alarming discovery during a routine cell check. Lying on the bed of a Saudi detainee was an 18-page color brochure. The cover consisted of the now famous photograph of newly-arrived detainees dressed in orange jumpsuits—masked, bound and kneeling on the ground at Camp X-Ray—just four months after 9/11. Written entirely in Arabic, it also included pictures of what appeared to be detainee operations in Iraq. Major General Jay W. Hood, then the commander of Joint Task Force-Guantanamo, concurred with the guards that this represented a serious breach of security.

Maj. Gen. Hood asked his Islamic cultural adviser to translate. The cover read: "Cruel. Inhuman. Degrades Us All: Stop Torture and Ill-Treatment in the 'War on Terror.'" It was published by Amnesty International in the United Kingdom and portrayed America and its allies as waging a campaign of torture against Muslims around the globe.

"One thread that runs through many of the testimonies from prisons in Afghanistan and Iraq, and from Guantanamo," the brochure read, "is that of anti-Arab, anti-Islamic, and other racist abuse."

The message to the detainees was clear: If you want to claim you are being tortured, here is a vast menu of examples from which to choose..." (Read the entire story)

It seems I spend my life lamenting over the fact that some story or another isn't being covered by the MSM or that the public in general is unaware or inappropriately blase about something that should be inciting outrage...

The entire GITMO situation is one of those things. It was bad enough when we learned that admittedly NINE people in the Obama administration's Justice Department opted to defend terrorists at one point in the not so distant past...but now we learn that lawyers are unlawfully passing propaganda to men that were caught amidst trying to kill American troops?!

I realize 'treason' would be too much to ask for...but something? Some outrage...a debarring perhaps? Better yet, a one way ticket to Yemen.

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