Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crisis Garden?

During the course of my internet travels, I keep coming across websites lauding the 'fact' that Glenn Beck has lost all advertisers. Strange because he still has a show. Two on TV and one on radio. FNC is not an altruistic endeavor, but a business so I'm assuming that if that were indeed true that Beck couldn't get advertisers Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes would have sent him packing...

So, I've been taking notice of the commercials. For the most part it seems to be the same advertisers that are with FNC throughout the day...with one exception.

Survival Seeds. Yes, you read right.

In case of emergency this will be enough seed for one acre of garden and will be the "ultimate barter item"...for just $149 you'll get 22 varieties of veggies for your crisis garden and survive when grocery store shelves are barren.

You have to love Capitalism and American ingenuity!

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