Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BS Insanity Not Forgotten

Today ends week 3 of My Power 90 Commitment...Two months and a week to go...

kmacginn, SB Smith, Zelda, Chester, Free, Freemom, Liz, Ghostie, AFSis, msg keith, Georgia, Jethro...are you guys still going? Getting results? Discouraged? Plateaued? Let's hear how you're doing!

With most of the Beachbody products, you have to make a 6-day-a-week commitment. That is the thing I am having the most trouble with. 5 days is no problem, but that weekend day is hard to fit in with everything else going on...and since they stress it so much I'm wondering if it is something to do with resetting your metabolism -or is it just part of reaching the 90 day goal? I have also decided that 30 minute workouts are much more realistic --for those that agree, Tony Horton has a Power Half Hour Series too.

***Paul Ryan, current Tea party darling, is a P90X user (see video). :)

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