Monday, March 15, 2010

Agh! I Agree With the ACLU?!

The Worcester County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts wants to start a dialogue with school officials considering a proposal for a mandatory school uniform policy.

The measure, the organization says, violates the rights of students.

Furthermore, the ACLU believes students’ clothing should be influenced by parental guidance and not by educational administrators, he said.

“We should encourage young people to have a certain amount of individuality and creativity,” he said. “Students only have certain ways to show their individuality — one way is through their clothing. We know we have to act as part of a group in society, but at the same time, we want to succeed as individuals. We don’t want everyone marching to the same tune.”

I know that in the past most of you have seriously parted ways with me on this topic.

You tell yourself it evens the playing field. It doesn't. There will still be kids with Uggs and kids with Faux-uggs...purses, jewelry, backpacks, jackets and will never be "fair."

I am SO opposed to uniforms in public schools. And yes, it would be easier AND cheaper for me...but it's wrong. I would have HATED it. It would have killed my spirit. Demoralized in khakis and a navy polo...the thought makes me shudder. It would have destroyed what little I liked about school. It would have made me just another faceless cog in the machine...a soldier in Kim Jong-Il's army.

So, it looks like the ACLU and I are in lockstep with this one...

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